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Types of dominant women

There are all different types of dominant women. We are not all the same, by a long shot. Of course submissives and switches have different types as well.
Here are a couple of different types of dominant women:

The "Steamroller" type of dominant woman. She has to be the center of attention and has to be in charge of everything and everyone. She is very confident and sure of herself and is not afraid to let everyone know. She will take over if she doesn't think things are going the way she feels they need to. She knows how to get things done.

The "Strong, silent" type of dominant woman.  She is quietly confident. Does not feel the need to dominate everyone or every situation. But she will step in when needed. She is self assured, and someone you can count on. She is not a pushover. She just doesn't feel the need to advertise her dominance.

Now, I am sure there are many more types. But those are the two main ones in my mind. Everyone else may have a different thought on that.


Well right off the bat I thought...I am the steamroller.  Then I read the second description and thought...I am that too.

I might be a combination of them.  I am definately a center of attention, do it my way gal.  But, there are times where I sit back some and let others do there thing and then put in my two cents.  It's probably 80/20 now, but before, it was more 40/60.  I was demure and made others in charge visibly.  My favorite line was (and still is at times) you choose and I veto.

So, I suppose if you put some other type of dominants up there...I might be them too.


I can totally see how someone could be a combo of both. I am definitely the second type of dominant. And my sister is the first. It was a bit of a struggle when we were growing up sometimes. Because she would try to steamroll me and it wouldn't work very well. A couple of months ago my Dad said it best when he described my sister and I like this. My sister would try to run me and everyone and I would just stay quiet and than do my own thing whether she liked it or not. Which is very true, I did do that even way back then.

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