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Spanking Photo Group

Here is a link to a photo group started by one of our newest members. I have his permission to post this, thank you very much. I thought some of you would find it of interest.

You have to ask permission to join the group and you have to have a flickr account. But if you have a Yahoo account, you can open a flickr account real easy. No feminization of men aloud in the group, so keep that in mind if you post a picture.

As a flickr Member I can say that Spanked Husband has one of the finest collections of FM spanking images around. If any of you ladies need inspiration for spanking styles, you might consider checking out his site.

You are very right Tim, he does have a great collection. I go there quite often myself. And you will see him around here quite a bit too.


I too am a longtime fan of the 'Spanked Husbands' Flickr group.  He has even graciously posted a picture of my Lady with her hairbrush.

Thanks for the support.

A pretty good collection of photos and drawings from the web, me thinks.  All on the theme of women spanking men and excluding the other kinks.

Have almost a thousand there now.

Everyone welcome but do mention you are from here - quite a few have - and your age - many still don't and so get rejected.

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