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Sissy bride,

When I posted my very short story "be careful what you wish for"  I forgot to mention Michele asked me to marry her.  That is about when the sissy within this old broad started screaming to get out!

This proposal was based on her being my butch hubby and I me the femme wife. But I know no matter how lesbian my relationship was based on the butch femme lifestyle I would actually be a sissy bride at the altar and in my mind and gown!  

Numerous times when we were arguing about things I would sometimes burst into tears crying and saying "all I ever wanted to be since I was born is someone's, anyone's lady"  I almost did say yes just because I dream the dream all (or many) sissies dream.. to be a bride.

Well, at first I got caught up in the fantasy.. was looking for gowns, found gay wedding planners are available and found that everything is out there make a wedding happen for 2 women, 2 men or tg women with man or women.  

A few months later I realized it's not going to happen and told Michele No.  

I've also realized there is a another way of gaining a sissy's submission. The Sissy being treated much like men treat ladies.  More then a few butch females have treated me to dinner, opened doors for me. compliment me on dress or outfit buy me a drink etc... Michele of course did and still does treat me as her lady fair.  Even now as we are separating her presence makes me feel very female and very submissive to her.   A domme friend told me one day; "with love comes submission" I have say it must be true!  Of course our dynamic was nothing all like femdomme, whereas the Sissy, or submissive is treated as not worthy of being female and always reminded of their status.. well at least that's my perception.  Ladies, please do correct my perceptions.  I'm really not that up on FLR even though I sort of was in one.  

Thanks for the forum Ladies!

An FLR can be any Female Led Relationship. It can be what the female lead would like it to be. There are no rules or limitations.

You are the only one that can judge whether you were in a FLR or not. But from some of your posts, it doesn't sound like you were.

I do have a question for you. So, when you say you would like to be a sissy for someone (a female), you basically want to be humiliated? Is that right? Reminded of your lowly position on a consistent basis?


I think it was more like 2 feminists bumping heads all the time Ms Kat   It seemed to start out like a dream come true but as time went by things seemed to reverse.  Finally, she's not working I'm close to losing the house,  and I'm back to my contracting business!  GRRRS I was semi retired.

Saying I'm a sissy and being post op and so far down the road of gender reassignment kind of makes me a big contradiction, but maybe I apply the word too broadly.  Most TGs want to define each condition tv, cd, ts,etc, even though it's still a male body we have. (ftms not included)

The few Dommes I've been around in real time pretty much treat me as another lady.  Although! Some do stress they don't want a lesbian.  I'm more into dressing in the Ultra fem outfits Like french maid.  But I've yet to appear in them at sissy house gatherings my friend lady Ellen has.  So here I am 30ys later, a closet sissy and post op female?  but then.. what do we call a GG in a french maid or school girl outfit? Sexy!

I've not been humilated and degraded by females except one time.. A lady invited me to a pony girl demo.. then treated me like dogmeat when I was clueless. My guess is I don't like it.

I do get all girly and subbie feeling inside when a butch gets all chivalrous with or around me.  It's like a switch being turned on.  Maybe it's the validation that I really became the lady I always dreamed I am.    But! there are some butch females out there that are into d/s!  So I better be careful!  

I'm sure Autogynephilia is allot of what I'm feeling.  But! I'm not going to even try to decipher what this Dr. Ray Blanchard is saying about TS's  

You have a very confusing life, don't you? I do hope you are able to figure it all out. And figure out what is right for you.

Thank you for your honest answers to my questions.


Ms kat! You had me thinking today...   I think role reversal is more me then subbmissive .   It seems no... I'm sure, I respond emotionally and socially "just like a woman" in the traditional sense.  Maybe that is most submissive thing that can happen to male living as female forced or willing.  

think I hit upon a good discussion topic!

Regards and thanks!

us at Christmas,  mistress and sissy party
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