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I so want to be my wife's sissy maid.

I like this site, and love the idea of the woman in charge of the marriage. My wife does not work, she takes care of all our Bills and finances. I work at a traveling job and am home 3-4 days a week. I am a life long crossdresser and over the past few years have realized I am more of a sissy vice just a crossdreser.

I love the idea of my wife in charge and I want to serve and please her. However, I would prefer to do this dressed, she is not in favor of that. I do my best to never argue and only give my opinion when she asks for it. I try to show her the bennefits of having a sub hubby. I love to do laundry and housework, always offer to shop for food, love to shop at the malls.

Some feminine things she will tolerate about me are:

I wear panties 24/7
Sleep each night in womens satin pjs (she wears boxers and cotton tee shirt)
for one week each month we can put satin sheets on our bed, she does not care for them
I sit when I pee
she waxes my eyebrows
I use only women's deoderants and bath products
we have gone to get mani pedis together
I use womens hairspray
when at work I always wear womens nylon knee highs for dress socks
on the road I always pack and where her old nylon full length night gowns

I love when she is out with friends and I can stay home cleaning her house!

This is kind of who I am, not sure what I am really looking for, I adore her and want to please her, just I would like to be more sub to her.

Thank you for reading.


Sounds to me like you are sub to her. If you are craving something, like for her to declare it so, than you need to sit down and talk to her about it honestly and openly. Open the lines of communication. Point out to her how it can be of benefit to her, she may not be seeing that. She may also be picturing it as some kind of fetish, and so dismissing it as such.


thank you ma'am, I will try

Hi Kelly, I'm in a similar situation although not even as far along as you. My wife is in control of everything and I stay home as a househusband while she works at a high-salary job. BUT...she thinks anything kinky is disgusting and is totally vanilla. I just try to influence things in the Domme/sub direction whenever the opportunity arises. I've worn nighties ever since we were first married but somehow that's OK. go figure!

Kelli -- It sounds as if you already have traveled a long way toward FLR. But remember, if it is a Female Led Relationship, that means the wife leads and you follow even if it isn't in the direction that you would necessarily like.

One thing you should do is to go back your original post and count the number of times you used the word "I." As in ... "I would prefer to do this dressed," etc. In my experience, FLR is a mindset that revolves around the wife, with your wants and needs being a secondary consideration.

Also, just as no two marriages are alike, no two FLRs are the same. It sounds as if you've traveled the FLR road a fair distance and you should celebrate your relationship with your wife as it is. And work to be happy with the decisions she makes.

Meanwhile, welcome to the site!

Sometimes we forget our grammar lessons and it is a good idea to reexamine the correct usage of pronouns when trying to integrate a subject into the context of a FLR. "just sayin"

see K4P response


That is some very good advice.  Thank you all for taking the time to help US out.
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