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bras as a tool of control

I've just finished reading a curious website that offers a rather different take on crossdressing - it suggests using bras as a way to control your man, which I must admit intrigues me as an idea. Not sure how practical that would be long term, but my subbie hubbie may well find himself in one soon (at least occasionally!) while I give it a go! The website is here:

Interesting idea. I will have to check that out. Thank you for the link.


Wondering if I am going to be Your specimen to try the bras out, Ms Kat.


I briefly read through some of the material at the link you posted, it sounded an awful lot like someone had just taken an article from a petticoat punishment site and sustituted bra for petticoat. Now I'm not naysaying the site, to each their own and if it works for you that's great. That said, I do think (at least for myself) that I tend to be more submissive when dressed in female clothing.
DeniseD (aka Doug)
MA'AM's sub

I also read part of the link. I would very much like to try that kind of training. I feel very submissive when I wear any female clothing.

First let me say welcome to the site. I see you just joined. Look forward to another woman's view on life with a "subbie hubbie" Thanks for the link always interesting to see new variations on the control and training aspects.

My husband wears a bra for me and I like it.

Laura_lee_18914 wrote:
My husband wears a bra for me and I like it.

If i may ask, Does he wear one all the time? specific times? As a punishment? and what is it that you like about him wearing one ?
Katie Anne

My male sub wears a sports bra, panties, pantyhose, and a long legged girdle under his male clothes at work. His shoes have a bit of a heel, about 1/1/2 inches, on then. In the winter he may wear a pants liner and camisole as well. The bra and pantygirdle lock. as suggested in the book under discussion. So, there is no hope of him getting out without help.

We work in the same building. but not on the same floor. or for the same firm. When he needs a "pee break" he calls and requests my help. I almost always tell him to come right up. Then either my secretary or I take him to our private bathroom and unlock him. We watch to make sure peeing is all he does. He of course sits to pee and wipes when he is done. He refreshes his very minimal makeup, including flesh tone lipstick and then combs his dyed blond hair. Then he is checked to make sure his butt plug is fully pushed in and his balls are pushed up and his dickie is tightly back between his legs.

Any complaining about this inspection making him uncomfortably hard results in an immediate spanking on his tightly girdled bottom. In this condition eying the pretty women with whom he works can be most uncomfortable. He says he longs to get home and put on a nice comfortable open bottomed all in one foundation, stockings, a dress and pumps.

This system makes any erection he might get in "male mode" frustrating and on the verge of being painful. The open bottomed girdles or corsets he wears at night allow him unfettered arousal. I of course determine when, how, and if he achieves satisfaction. He now sees dresses and skirts as sexually liberating. If he disobeys me or simply fails to show the proper courteousness, I may order him into a girdle and women's slacks for the evening or perphaps an entire weekend. He is grateful to wear skirts or dresses when we go out. even though he is tucked into a gaff of course. He says the tucking without the constriction of the girdle is not so bad.

Under his frilly nightie he wears a smooth and silky pair of panties and  a pair of tights. His hands are chained to the bed so he can't play with himself and he thus again requires help to pee. I keep a hospital style urinal handy so I need not undo his hands. He is free to dream and even rub himself against his panties, tights, and nightie. I don't punish leakage during the night. He loves the feel of his undies and I think it good to allow him some freedom of thought while he sleeps.

The next morning after his enema and bath, first I tie a ribbon about his dickie and balls. By now I know just how to tight tie the ribbon so that he feels constricted, but is not denied circulation. Then, I pull his male equipment into its proper place for the day by passing the ends of ribbon through his legs, up his but cheeks, around his waist and then I tie the two ends just under his navel. Once he is tied back, getting hard is much less pleasant and he even claims it hurts. I doubt it. it certainly doesn't deter him from stiffening. In fact, he nearly always gets hard as he bends over for his plugging. He is allowed one more chance to try to pee and then his panties, pantyhose, girdle and bra go on. The latter two are then locked  

Wearing just a slip and pair of pumps over his day underwear he then makes breakfast. At about this time my female sub arrives from her apartment just down the hall. We have breakfast  Then my female sub removes his slip and pumps and helps him into his male suit. The look of disappointment in his eyes is obvious. I try to cheer him up by reminding him that in a mere 10 hours he will be back in nice comfortable dress.

Then my male and my female subs walk to her car hand in hand. As she is a confirmed lesbian, this highly amusing. He opens the door for his fellow submissive and tries to avoid looking at the beautiful legs the mini-skirt she must always wear shows off.  I let her warm up the car and let them talk a bit while I dress. What do they talk about I wonder.   Is it  fashions, products. or which of them is more uncomfortable. or more submissive? Maybe the plan the pedicure and manicure parties we have every other weekend.  At Least I am sure there will be no love play. I know the male covets the girl submissive's  mini-skirted outfit as she no doubt covets one of my pant suits or conservative skirt suits. They however dress as their told and will spend the entire day remembering that they are not free to make so simple a choice as what undies to wear to work. Their submission is thus impressed on them with even the slightest movement.

Once I am comfortably seated in the back. I am driven to work by my submissive lovers. They drop me at the door and then go to the parking lot together.  I am sure many people mistake them for husband and wife, particularly as the male opens each door for the female. They must share warm embrace and kiss as they part for the day. She must give him a good rubbing on his satin covered crouch as kind of protest to her discomfort at being hugged by a man. He can't retaliate in kind. as rubbing her crouch would hurt him and do nothing for or to her. I know within ten minutes my phone will ring with a rather desperate request. How long should he wait? What fun!

Wow! Thank you for sharing. What lucky subs. And as I see you have just joined may I say welcome as well. Can't wait to hear more.
Katie Anne

Dear Oldsub,

Thank you for your most respectful greeting.  Honey, you have obviously been well trained. A training that I will bet was grueling and liberating at the same time.  

I frankly have never understood owners who keep their subs in chastity at home. Why? They are happier though no less controlled by being highly aroused in the outfits that demonstrate their submission. Besides chastity belts are expensive; they can damage the ability of a sub, particularly a male to ever become aroused; and they are far more trouble than they are worth. A bit of spandex is just as secure with the addition of a plastic padlock and adds the humiliation of needing help in order to use the lady's room. A girdle or bra locked tight with a plastic lock is also metal detector friendly.

My female sub spends less time locked in spandex underwear. However, I do find the practice sometimes useful to remind her of her place. If there will be large numbers of men around when we go out, she will often ask to be locked into a girdle and bra. Of course unlike her submissive she-male sister, she is free to fantasize while under lock and key without the immediate penalty of a crushed erection and the discomfort and frustration that come with such unauthorized feelings and responses. My female sub often takes great delight in showing the men whom she despises anyway, how useless their advances are. They cannot so much as 'cop a feel'.

In the meantime her "sister" may be freely admired by the dominant women whom I allow to lift "her" skirt  and reach up her open bottomed foundation to feel her rampant "male clit". This brings out the jealousy in the my female sub who wishes she were the one under inspection by such forward female Doms. Soon, both sisters are squirming in their tight spandex undies and humbly asking to be allowed to pee. Of course sending them to powder room together is only prudent, so they are not be pursued there by untoward advances.  

At home I want them to look on their short dresses and spike heeled pumps or sandals as a turn on. So. their crotches are free and oh, so very available when we are alone. Especially today, women dressing to look pretty is so far beyond the mainstream that my subs stand out in crowd.  I am somewhat bewildered that more Mistresses do not use feminization with their female submissives.  A male may be more keenly aware that he is dressed in a fashion so different from other men as to be humiliating, yet a woman constantly in full makeup, skirts, and heels will be constantly reminded that she is the exception, not the rule today.  

I want my 'his and hers subs' competing to be as "womanly" and feminine as possible. The male will lose of course, but the female is always aware that she is in competition with a man to see which can be a more stereotypically feminine "wife" to me. This competition is so far removed from the average woman's quest to resemble her female workmates and peers that the female submissive becomes very well trained in doing what she is told rather than what she wants. Both my male and female servants now seek my approval and not that of their friends. In fact, the few friendships they maintain are with other submissives. This again reinforces to them their subordinate status.

I know it is hard to believe that the regular use of very ordinary women's wear, easily available either at a nearby department store or online can be used so effectively in training both male and female submissives, but it is true!

It is highly amusing to me that the girl wishes she could wear pants occasionally; while the boy would greatly prefer to be in dresses all his waking hours. Neither will get what s/he wants and both will remember they are mine.


Katie Anne
Maid Angela

I have just read this about Bras as a tool of control, i was trained as a sissy Maid by two ladies in a large country house, they trained be by locking me in a training uniform which consisted of plastic pants went on first then a pair of strong support tights which always where a smaller size so they where very tight , next another pair of plastic pants followed by a long leg high waisted panty girdle followed by another pair of plastic pants on the large size they came up to my lower chest and over these i had to climb into a panty corselette which was very firm support and a size smaller than my 38 chest measurement , the crotch had a pair of D Rings sewn on which was secured with a strong padlock also the shoulder straps had D rings and another padlock , finally a rubber Maids Uniform which had a hobble skirt and a very high neck which was very tight making it impossible to look down this again had was lockable and had a D ring to attach a lead to. I was locked in this outfit for the day and only allowed to go to the toilet unless given permission by Madame but the training consisted of being forced to drink lots of water ,pints at a time then not allowed to go to the toilet untill i had completed whatever task i had been set to the sastisfaction of the two ladies , then i would be taken to the toilet by the housekeeper and told i could empty my bladder them imeadiatlly instructed to stop midstream and put back in my uniform then given more to drink and set to work again while in desperate need to go to the toilet , if i had an accident which i did quite often at the end of the day i would get my penis caned for not holding it and pleasing Madame , this went on for months untill i gradually got better at performing my tasks at the big house.
                       Maid Angela.

men in bras

My mistress read this site a number of months ago and since then I have worn a bra with enhancers.This is a constant reminder of my position in our marrige.Know matter where i am can feel the bra

kayaks-You are a a lucky sub.

You are lucky

Well Maid Angela

I must say I think you are very lucky to have two such mistresses to dress you in rubber and plastic. I wish I was so lucky. Getting back to the post , I think a male made to wear a bra is a very good form of domination as it is the most female item of clothing you could wear.

It can all be a silent reminder of your more fem

Re bras

How about making your partner wear a bra then send them off for a swim, knowing when they take it off you will still the bra lines, hows that for a punishment. As you all know the longer its worn the longer the marks stay.
Patti Jones

My wife and her daughter and I are at a resort in the Caribbean this week and she went out over the last few weeks and got me five bikinis to wear at all times when the sun is out.  She wants me to start on some very vibrant tan lines now.  

She even joked that maybe a trip to the tanning salon each week will help me with sexy, year around tan lines.  

Yes, I am getting some stares, but at 5'7" tall and my pony tail and heeled sandals, while I do not pass, I am not that silly looking.  Plus, I can take care and watch over her daughter while she relaxes and flirts.

I do think tan lines on a sub male are a positive step.   Though I know I will be embarrassed by them sometimes, I am pleased that she wants me to show my posture with them.
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